Montel Vontavious Porter def. Jeff Hardy

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August 17, 2008

INDIANAPOLIS -- Tonight at the Biggest Blockbuster of the Summer, a fired-up MVP overcame the high-flying Jeff Hardy in a hard fought bout, thanks in part to the involvement of United States Champion Shelton Benjamin. 

The match proved to be a furious battle from the very beginning. With a combination of fast-paced maneuvers and grueling holds, the personal animosity between both Superstars kept them fighting to the bitter end. Every time it looked like MVP might put him away, Hardy refused to give up. Then, when it looked as if the Legend Thriller had overcome MVP and was going to deliver a winning Swanton Bomb, United States Champion Shelton Benjamin emerged from nowhere and distracted Hardy long enough for Porter to turn the tables and pick up the victory. 

Benjamin has lived in the backdrop of MVP collision course with Jeff Hardy over the past several weeks. Spawned from the foundations of a heated conflict between the Ballin' Superstar and Hardy's brother, Matt, their hatred has grown into a towering inferno. A controversial VIP Lounge where MVP openly exploited Hardy's personal mishaps from the past year -- setbacks that had caused him to miss WrestleMania XXIV and lose his home -- ignited the rivalry. Hardy's retaliation was a Twist of Fate after MVP's match the following week and the Franchise Playa's subsequent interference in three of Hardy's matches fueled the flame. And Hardy's Stereo Swanton Bomb on both MVP and the reigning United States Champion Benjamin after the Ballin' Superstar's third sneak attack set the fuse that would to lead to their explosive SummerSlam showdown. 

Despite the outcome of this match, it could be Shelton Benjamin who feels the ultimate fury when all is said and done.

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