Jericho crashes HBK's announcement

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August 17, 2008

INDIANAPOLIS -- The mood suddenly turned solemn at the Conseco Fieldhouse as Shawn Michaels stepped out in front of the WWE Universe with his wife Rebecca to make an announcement that all our WWE fans have been both awaiting and fearing at the same time. That sentiment turned to disgust thanks to Chris Jericho.

If it weren't for the despicable actions of Jericho in the first place, Michaels wouldn't be in this situation with his potential retirement looming in the air. In multiple altercations with the man formerly referred to as Y2J, Michaels has injured and re-injured his eye, even possibly detaching his retina.

After Michaels announced that he would take his doctor's advice and hang up his boots, Chris Jericho's music blasted through the arena to interrupt The Showstopper's emotional farewell. What followed was a war of words between the two, but the situation then escalated to unimaginable heights.

Following Jericho demanding that Michaels tell his wife, his children and all the WWE Universe that Jericho was the reason that HBK had to retire, a proud Michaels agreed only if Jericho went home and told his own wife and children that he will never be The Showstopper. These words sent his rival over the edge. In an attempt to attack HBK, Jericho missed and struck Michaels' wife Rebecca instead.

Immediately after, Michaels dropped down by his wife's side tending to her and holding her in his arms. The whole time Michaels and WWE officials cared for Rebecca, Jericho just stared on as he slowly backed his way up the ramp to the locker room area.

There is no doubt that even though Jericho may believe he has matured and is looking to take his career to new heights as his own savior, he has - in reality - only sunk lower then ever before, especially following his inexcusable actions at SummerSlam. 

Also, where does this leave HBK? Can he truly walk away after what Jericho did to his wife?

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