Undertaker def. Edge (Hell in a Cell Match)

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August 17, 2008

INDIANAPOLIS -- Edge's path to salvation ended at SummerSlam, when Undertaker returned and sent the Rated-R Superstar straight to Hell after a destructive and demonic Hell in a Cell Match.

After being banished at One Night Stand at the hands of Edge and his wife, SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero, The Phenom's resurgence at SummerSlam may have banished Edge to a much worse place, and has sent notice to all of WWE -- Undertaker is back. And with all due respect to SmackDown's GM, hell hath no fury like The Deadman scorned.

While Edge's recent attitude change made the WWE Universe believe he could withstand the onslaught that was expected, nothing could prepare anyone for the damning the Rated-R Superstar faced in the "Devil's Playground." Despite his best efforts -- including an incredible running spear through the announce tables after the Cell broke open during the contest, the use of a ladder and many other weapons -- Edge could not overcome the anger-fueled attacks of The Phenom. After a devastating Tombstone sealed the win for Undertaker, he unleashed his aggression on the Rated-R Superstar, chokeslamming Edge from the top of a ladder through the ring.

Just as it seemed that Undertaker was content with this destruction, he raised his hands in the air, and flames erupted from underneath the ring where Edge had just sunk in. What does this mean for the Ultimate Opportunist?

Now that Undertaker has seemingly earned his revenge, will the WWE Universe see Edge ever again? Will The Deadman turn his attention to Edge's bride and make Guerrero pay for her part in his banishment?

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