Intercontinental Champion Umaga def. Mr. Kennedy and Carlito

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August 26, 2007

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- He was pushed to the limit -- and at times it appeared he was going to be bulldozed himself. But at the end of the night at SummerSlam, Umaga still firmly held the Intercontinental gold between his teeth after turning back the challenge of Carlito and Mr. Kennedy in a Triple Threat Match.

The night started out gloomy enough for both Kennedy and Carlito the moment Umaga entered the ring and began throwing his considerable weight around. The two men were repeatedly slammed to the mat by the bamboo-hard forearms of the island monster. Only after being tossed around like coconuts did Umaga's opponents finally realize that they would need to combine forces to have any chance against the Intercontinental Champion.

At one point Carlito kicked Umaga out of the ring as he was distracted by Mr. Kennedy. The pair of hungry hopefuls had their hands full all match dealing with Umaga's powerful moves, but decided to team up against the Bulldozer.

Their alliance, however, was short-lived. Eventually, Mr. Kennedy covered Carlito for the three-count only to find himself quickly enveloped in the arms of Umaga and pinned under the Champ's 348-pound frame following a Samoan Spike to the throat.

With his victory Sunday night, Umaga seems to have cemented his hold on the Intercontinental Championship. But will he have to continue to look over both of his sizable shoulders? Will Mr. Kennedy and Carlito continue their pursuit of his gold?

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