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SmackDown Divas feel en-titled

SmackDown Divas feel en-titled

With a golden opportunity in the Diva Battle Royal this Sunday at SummerSlam, two of the Diva division's most formidable in-ring competitors, Michelle McCool and Victoria, intend on bringing the Women's Championship to SmackDown. On a hot night in New Jersey this Sunday, these two Divas and others from Raw, SmackDown and ECW will brawl to become the No. 1 contender against Women's Champion Candice.

If they can win the Battle Royal, either Victoria or Michelle (both non-Raw femme fatales) would earn a rare title opportunity, as the Women's gold is typically defended exclusively on Monday nights.

"The SmackDown Diva locker room rightfully deserves a chance at the Women's Title," Michelle told WWE.com. "If it has to be fought for on both shows, I have faith in our locker room to keep it on Friday nights."

Divided by their differences, these Divas have found themselves strangely united in their quest to establish a Women's Title on SmackDown -- even if it means ultimately forging a brand-new title for Friday nights.

"As much as I don't like Victoria, I respect her as a competitor," Michelle admitted. "She and I both share the idea of creating a new Women's Championship, a Diva's title on SmackDown.  It would give us something tangible to strive for…something to go after."

Since her debut in sports-entertainment, Michelle has been a Friday Night SmackDown mainstay, making her what some might consider deprived in terms of championship opportunities. With victories over a number of SmackDown Divas and a brand-wide Bikini Battle Royal win in late May, Michelle has clearly been "loving life and loving Battle Royals" -- but she admits that she'd love to be a champion more than anything else.

"I have the heart of a champion," asserted the confident Diva. "I hope people respect my abilities and it means everything to me to one day become Women's Champion -- whether it's on Raw, SmackDown or ECW."

While Michelle is striving to secure her very first taste of championship glory, two-time former Women's Champion Victoria refuses to be estranged from the title for much longer.

"I came to WWE to wear the Women's Championship, to be the best," Victoria said, "not just to be the sexiest, but to show my athleticism. I've trained hard to be the champion, wrestling men and women. I am confident enough to petition WWE officials to bring a Diva's title to SmackDown."

According to Victoria, she was eager to seek fresh blood on the Friday night brand when the 2007 WWE Draft brought her there in June. Her recent conflict with Michelle has fueled her competitive thirst, but there is still the longing to bear the seal of sports-entertainment greatness: Championship gold.

"There are talented Divas on this brand," she begrudgingly admitted. "We are athletes who back up what we've got in the ring. It's not all on Raw. We want to fight to be champion, too. It's an honor to carry that title around your waist."

Victoria and Michelle's argument boils down to one thing, and that's credibility. As beautiful women -- the sexiest on television, that is -- the pair agreed that it is difficult to shake preconceptions of their abilities. They believe that a WWE title is the key to proving their in-ring prowess.

"As Divas, we get the stereotype that we're just pretty faces," Michelle explained. "I'd rather get down and dirty in the ring than go shopping or get a pedicure any day of the week. If Victoria and I can agree on anything, it's that we live to compete, and that's why we need a Women's Championship on SmackDown."

Whether or not it happens as a result of their petition or through the defeat of current champion Candice, both Victoria and Michelle are relentless in achieving their goal. Will one of these sultry SmackDown vixens secure a win this Sunday at SummerSlam, bringing them one giant step closer to getting the Women's Championship to Friday nights? What about the slew of other ECW and Raw Divas who stand in their way?

Find out live on pay-per-view Sunday night as the Biggest Party of the Summer emanates from the sold-out Continental Airlines Arena.

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