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Point-Counterpoint: Lawler says Triple H is King of Kings

Point-Counterpoint: Lawler says Triple H is King of Kings

Perhaps no one knows more about being a king in sports-entertainment than WWE Hall of Famer, Jerry "The King" Lawler. Since King Booker challenged the WWE Hall of Famer's right to call himself "King," Lawler has sparred with the former World Heavyweight Champion verbally and in the ring. King Booker brutalized Lawler recently when he informed him that he would be facing The King of Kings, Triple H, at SummerSlam. As he recuperated from his injuries, it came as no surprise who Lawler supports in Sunday's showdown between two of WWE's royalty:


Having been "The King" for more than three decades, why do you argue that Triple H is more of a king than King Booker?

I have had the unique opportunity to watch and call Triple H's matches for the better part of the last decade. I've seen him morph from up-and-comer to The King of Kings. His in-ring ferocity, the way in which he physically prepares his body for the pain it takes to win -- he has the dedication to prove he's one of the greatest champions in WWE history. The battles he's won -- and lost, too -- have all been valuable lessons that have allowed him to prosper and lead like a king.

Is there more to a king than just the manner in which he carries himself? What about appearance?

Triple H may not wear a crown or a robe, but his confidence in his ability and the assurance that he's on top of his game each and every time he steps into the ring absolutely puts him at a level a few notches above King Booker in my book. Judging a king by his appearance is foolish. Triple H may not look like a King Henry or a King Tut, but he certainly looks like The King of Kings.

What else makes Triple H The King of Kings?

The fact of the matter is that once you capture a World Title, you're on a level very few have reached. Triple H did that 10 times. Add to that his countless other accomplishments -- founding member of DX, Royal Rumble winner, Evolution. Heck, the guy is also a King of the Ring winner, let's not forget that. Roll all that up into one, and you have The King of Kings.

So, are you expecting the question of who is the one true king to be settled at SummerSlam?

Inside the confines of WWE, there lies only one true King of Kings, and that king is absolutely Triple H.

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