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August 20, 2006


Prior to their match at SummerSlam, WWE Champion Edge told WWE.com that he was a master tactician that played "chess inside the ring better than anyone else."  And when he left with the WWE Championship proudly around his waist after defeating challenger John Cena in his hometown of Boston, the Rated R Superstar lived up to his boast.

Even though the win stemmed from using a pair of brass knuckles, Edge solidified the legitimacy of his championship reign by defeating Cena. There's no question about it now; while the Rated R Superstar and his girlfriend, Women's Champion Lita, may be two of the most deplorable Superstars in WWE, their in-ring skills and ability to strategize are unparalleled in sports-entertainment.

WWE.com spoke with Edge following his match, where he commented on the feeling of beating his challenger in front of his hometown crowd.

"It feels exhilarating; it feels amazing; it feels stupendous; it feels spectacular…there's only one thing that can match it, and I think you know what that is—me being the Rated R Superstar and all," said the WWE Champion before declaring the interview was over. 

For Cena, the motivation to defeat Edge at SummerSlam burned strongly even before the champion crossed the line by trespassing at Cena's father's house in West Newbury, Mass, where he attacked—or "bitch slapped," as Edge put it—Mr. Cena. After that incident, something was triggered inside of the Doctor of Thuganomics that WWE fans and Superstars have never witnessed before.

In the match, Cena used that passion to unload a powerful assault of blows and slams on Edge. He unleashed a flurry of right and left hands and drove the champion into the mat with a ferocious belly-to-belly suplex. All the while, Cena kept his eye on the Women's Champion as she circled ringside, watching the match intently.

When the Rated R Superstar was able to gain control, he tried to wear his challenger down with choke-holds and a thunderous top-rope clothesline. But, no matter how tight he squeezed his chokes or how hard the impact of the clothesline, Cena was somehow able to recover.

The challenger's persistence obviously worried Lita, who tried to interfere on Edge's behalf. But, perhaps for the first time since becoming a two-time champion, Edge didn't want Lita getting involved. Don't give the Edge too much credit, though; it wasn't because he feared for her well being or that he didn't want her to get in a rabid Cena's path — it was because he knew that if he was disqualified he'd lose the WWE Championship.

When Lita tossed a chair into the ring attempting to help her man, the Rated R Superstar quickly tossed it out, which opened up the opportunity for Cena to take advantage and regain control of the match. With the fury and passion of his family's honor and the hometown crowd fueling his rage, Cena locked Edge in the STFU. Again, Lita tried to get involved, but Edge, even though he was writhing in pain from the submission hold, made it clear her services weren't needed — yet.

Before Cena could get Edge to submit, the Rated R Superstar was able to inch his way over to the ropes. When the referee made Cena break the hold, Lita slid a pair of brass knuckles onto Edge's hand. Even with all of Cena's heart, drive and refusal to give up, one solid blast to the back of his head from a hard right hand with the brass knuckles left him utterly defenseless. The haymaker from the WWE Champion was enough to knock Cena unconscious long enough for Edge to get the pinfall.

After the match, a woozy Cena tried to regain his coherency as he stumbled against the ropes, trying to comprehend what had just happened. He was in control, in a position to get the victory and regain the championship he's longed for since losing it at ECW One Night Stand…but, again, he was screwed — or outplayed — by Edge.

Regardless of the loss at SummerSlam, Cena's drive to once again possess WWE gold will not allow him to stay down. When he finally does understand what happened, why he lost, and how he was screwed by Edge yet again, expect Cena to unleash hell. In the past, the Doctor of Thuganomics has shown he'll go to extreme measures to regain what he insists rightfully belongs to him…but one has to wonder if he'll ever be able to get one over on his nemesis.

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