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"British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith vs. Bret "Hit Man" Hart for the Intercontinental Championship

This match will go down as one of the greatest Intercontinental Championship Matches in WWE history. In fact, it was one of the greatest matches ever period. The 1992 SummerSlam took place at Wembley Stadium in England, so the British Bulldog definitely had the home-field advantage. But the Hit Man was the Intercontinental Champion, and was known for big match performances. To make matters even more interesting, it turned into a family affair as Diana Smith was not only Davey Boy's wife, but she was also Bret Hart's sister, leaving her torn between both sides.

These two brothers-in-law put on an absolute wrestling clinic in front of the raucous Wembley Stadium Crowd. The pro-Davey Boy crowd thought that it was over when the Hit Man locked in the Sharpshooter, but somehow the British Bulldog was able to power through to the ropes to break the hold. Hart went for a sunset flip but, Davey Boy was able to hook his legs and score the pinfall as the crowd went crazy. Although extremely frustrated with the loss, Bret was able to take the high road and shake Davey Boy's hand.

Ultimate Warrior vs. "Macho Man" Randy Savage for the WWE Championship

In the weeks leading up to this WWE Championship match, Ric Flair tried to convince Savage that Mr. Perfect had bought off Ultimate Warrior and he tried to convince Warrior that Savage was the one in cahoots with Mr. Perfect. Savage and Warrior didn't trust each other after Flair planted the seeds of deception, but they agreed to team up to take on the Nasty Boys. Their mistrust of each other led to a loss, however, adding even more fuel to the fire before their SummerSlam clash.

Both men came out to the ring by themselves, and it appeared as though Mr. Perfect would be in no one's corner. The two went at it tooth and nail with each man having the upper hand at times. As the action spilled to the outside, however, Mr. Perfect and Ric Flair made their way to ringside. The action went back into the ring with Mr. Perfect's allegiance still unknown.

At one point, Savage was tripped up by Mr. Perfect as it seemed clear that he was on Ultimate Warrior's side. The action heated up again with both men and the referee hitting the canvas. Flair and Mr. Perfect revived Ultimate Warrior, making it seem as though they were on his side, but then they quickly turn on him as well. Savage hit his top-rope elbow, but Ultimate Warrior was able to kick out at two. He went on the offensive, but Flair leveled him with a vile chair shot to the back. Savage went to the top rope for another elbow, but then realized that he hadn't been the one to level Ultimate Warrior and tried to hit Flair with a top rope maneuver instead. But Flair was ready for it and took him out with the chair as well resulting in a count-out. Mr. Perfect and Ric Flair had played both competitors perfectly as they were never on either of their sides.

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