15 SummerSlam moments we can't forget

A Banzai snafu

At north of 600 pounds, former WWE Champion Yokozuna was defiantly agile for much of his career. Yet, he could not react quickly enough at SummerSlam 1996 when his tried-and-true Banzai Splash was foiled by a dislocated top turnbuckle.

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The mishap occurred against "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in a bout that technically aired on "Free for All," a free, pre-show event that led into the actual SummerSlam pay-per-view and featured two future WWE Hall of Famers. With Austin in position to receive the sternum-collapsing Banzai Drop, Yokozuna climbed the turnbuckles. But when he shifted weight to the top rope, the turnbuckle yanked off and the heavyweight dropped, presenting a golden opportunity for Austin, who escaped damage and quickly covered the sumo standout for the pin.