SmackDown results: The Great White outfought Jericho, only to be blindsided by a Del Rio counterstrike

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July 13, 2012

Ryback def. Tyler Reks

Last week, after flipping a coin on SmackDown to see who would take on the destructive force that is Ryback, Curt Hawkins was decimated by the scary-strong Superstar. One week later, with Hawkins at his side, Tyler Reks took his turn at attempting to topple the undefeated scourge of SmackDown.

Reks came flying out of the gate, trying his best to make good on his promise to defeat Ryback. But a huge boot to the chest turned the bout around, and Reks was never able to fully recover. Ryback denied any attempt at offense by his overmatched opponent and a monstrous clothesline spelled the end. When the big man hit Shell Shocked on Reks, it was all over, and Ryback remains undefeated.