SmackDown results: The Great White outfought Jericho, only to be blindsided by a Del Rio counterstrike

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July 13, 2012

Zack Ryder announced Great Khali vs. Big Show

After getting some words of encouragement from Theodore Long, who has a long and successful history in the General Manager chair himself, Ryder was "greeted" by Big Show. The angry giant disagreed with Long’s assessment of Long Island Iced-Z’s job performance, however, saying that Ryder is doing a terrible job and saying in no uncertain terms that he, meaning Big Show, should take over SmackDown as GM.

To make that happen, The World’s Largest Athlete reared back, seemingly to level Ryder with the WMD. But The Great Khali arrived just in time, and right on cue, Ryder announced that the two giants would square off in a match later in the night!

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