"Prime Time Players" in television history

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October 07, 2012

Batman and Robin ("Batman")
Unwavering in their devotion to striking fear into the hearts of criminals everywhere, The Dynamic Duo devoted their lives to an intensive training regimen in order to protect Gotham City from every imaginable threat. (Also, apparently, to climb up buildings that just so happen to be inhabited by random celebrities.)

Or at least that’s what the prime time 1960s television pairing of Batman and Robin — as portrayed by the ineffable Adam West and the diminutive Burt Ward — seemed most concerned with. The campy, classic series, though initally a television phenomenon that prompted ABC-TV to carry the show twice weekly. ultimately lasted only three seasons. Nevertheless, it remains a pop cultural benchmark that lives on in the collective psyche of Bat-fans everywhere. Except for perhaps Christian Bale, whose gravel-voiced Dark Knight will never hit a dance floor and do "The Batusi."

Troy and Abed ("Community")
The dynamic between former athlete Troy and socially awkward Abed in the quirky college comedy, "Community," is unlike anything else on television today. Describing the pair as "irreverent" is like calling Freebird Michael Hayes’ choice of attire "understated."

Granted, Troy and Abed don’t look the part of a menacing tag team. Yet it’s well within their eccentric sensibilities to hop in their “Imaginarium” and visualize a main event battle against the likes of The Prime Time Players, or even Team Hell No.

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