Giant grudges for a returning Big Show?

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October 07, 2011

Now that Big Show has returned, like every ambitious WWE Superstar, he will surely have his sights set on World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry and WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio. But this colossal competitor’s motives go beyond glory, as he has a giant-sized score to settle with both reigning World Champions.

 Big Show returns to SmackDown - This Friday
The injury that sidelined The World's Largest Athlete at WWE Money in the Bank last July was the direct result of an act of pure rage by the uncontrollable Henry. (PHOTOS) After defeating his gigantic adversary, The World’s Strongest Man inducted him into his Hall of Pain by wrapping a chair around his ankle, ascending the ropes and bringing all of his weight down on Big Show's leg.

The brutal post-match assault resulted in what medical technicians later referred to a distal fracture of the fibula. Now that Big Show is back in action, can't help but wonder what part of Henry he'll be looking to break in return.

 Big Show's leg is crushed beneath Alberto Del Rio's car

Of course, Big Show's leg was already vulnerable at the time of Henry's ruthless onslaught. The prior injury resulted from a car belonging to Alberto Del Rio that hit the immense Superstar during Raw last May. Big Show never had a true opportunity to exact proper retribution for that hit-and-run. Now that his smoldering anger has been given time to fester, The Mexican Aristocrat may have one big problem.

It has been said that those who seek payback for payback's sake will end up with nothing at all. However, if the enraged Big Show plans on targeting either one or both World Champions, he might very well walk away with golden satisfaction.  

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