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February 22, 2013

Best WWE Actor: Paul Heyman

A great actor plays with the audience’s emotions, bending them to his will and making them believe every word he utters. But it’s also been said that actors are good liars. What, then, does that make Paul Heyman?

Well, according to a number of Superstars, Divas and referees, it makes the former head honcho of ECW one hell of an actor.

While there was certainly some stiff competition in the category for Best WWE Actor, we’d be fooling ourselves if we said Paul Heyman wasn’t our unanimous choice, right from the get-go. Over the years — and especially recently — Heyman has displayed some of the best theatrical chops in the business in an attempt to put himself in the most beneficial situations possible. (WATCH HEYMAN’S ACTING REEL)

And our choice met with little resistance from those that know Heyman best. Longtime associate and former ECW announcer Joey Styles told, “Jim Cornette once said Paul Heyman would rather climb a tree and tell a lie than stand on the ground and tell the truth.” Styles added, “I have never seen nor do I ever expect to see Paul climb a tree, but I do think it would make for great TV.”

While there was also a disproportionate amount of cheap shots flung Heyman’s way by those we interviewed, there was also a surprising amount of praise. Actually, “brilliant” is a word that came up more than once. Of course, there was usually a qualifier thrown in there, as well. “Paul Heyman is an evil genius,” Natalya told “And I emphasize the word ‘genius.’ He can roll with the best villains and not bat an eye. When he needs to, he can feign affection and squeeze out a tear. He knows these mannerisms well because it’s all about survival for Paul.”

It’s this instinct for survival that has led Heyman to admit to not always telling the truth, and cop to the fact that he manipulates people and situations in an attempt to directly benefit himself. “On [the Jan. 28 episode of] Raw, Paul confessed he has lied in the past and still lies because he is a wrestling promoter and that’s what wrestling promoters do,” Styles said.

WWE Active announcer Tony Dawson chimed in, saying, “Paul Heyman is to WWE what Marlon Brando was to Hollywood. He is the standard by which all others are measured. I will never forget his exchange with Mr. McMahon when he confessed to lying every single day to make it in this business. It was raw, powerful and absolutely brilliant.”

Titus O’Neil agrees, telling that Heyman is a “phenomenal actor,” while Natalya added, “[Heyman] could sell snow to an Eskimo, and the award for Best WWE Actor would definitely go to Paul!”

Styles summed it all up quite nicely, saying, “If taking liberties with the truth — such as him not having a business relationship with Brad Maddox and The Shield — is considered acting, then Paul is indeed WWE’s best actor and I hope he gets the opportunity to give an acceptance speech because he has more microphone mastery than anyone else in WWE today.”

Well, Styles gets his wish, as Heyman did, in fact, respond to winning this award.

“I would say something like ‘I’d like to thank the academy,’ ” Heyman told “But truth be told — and yes, I can indeed tell the truth — it’s about time WWE recognized my accomplishments, and I accept this award, with great humility, as the beginning of an apology from not only WWE the global corporation, but also from The Chairman himself, Vincent Kennedy McMahon!”

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