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February 22, 2013

Best WWE Actress: AJ Lee

Was there ever any doubt that AJ Lee would win’s Best Actress Award? After all, the 2012 Slammy Award winner for Diva of the Year has displayed an incredible range of emotions — or personalities — as she’s morphed from geeky, girl-next-door goddess to emotionally disturbed ex-girlfriend to serial-dating siren to the conceited current squeeze of Dolph Zigger — or “Ziggy,” as she calls him. (AJ LEE PHOTOS)

If any member of the WWE Universe doubts AJ’s acting range, just look at the assortment of “leading men” who she has locked lips with. (FULL STORY) When news of the Best Actress Award broke, AJ’s fellow Diva Natalya singled out that throng of ex-boyfriends. “She plays the role of an innocent victim with Daniel Bryan and the next minute she's a vixen in several romantic relationships with the likes of CM Punk, John Cena, Kane and now Dolph Ziggler!” “The Queen of Harts” proclaimed. “She would be very convincing in court — but I don't think any jury would buy that she’s in love with any of these men! That’s why they save performances like hers for the movies!”

Although Titus O’Neil of The Prime Time Players was supportive of AJ’s win, saying — “She has done a fabulous job of successfully portraying several roles and characters over the past year. Hard to argue this choice for Best Actress” — others agreed with Natalya, respecting AJ’s preternatural acting talent but remaining skeptical of her true motivations.

“I’m just not sure which AJ won,” WWE referee Scott Armstrong said. “Aren’t there like 30 people living inside that pretty little head?” Commentator Tony Dawson was even more frank in his assessment, “Like many talented actresses, AJ Lee has the unique ability to channel adversity in her personal life into brilliant performances. She's also stunningly attractive. And crazy. Literally insane.”

Hopefully AJ doesn’t see Dawson’s comments, as those are definitely “no-no words,” not only for AJ, but also for her massive — and overprotective — friend Big E Langston. The muscle-bound NXT transplant — like Ziggler — appears to be the most recent in AJ’s long line of “co-stars.” No matter who she’s with or what happens, AJ manages to influence people and twist the circumstances to her advantage. If that’s not acting, what is? Natalya summarized AJ’s “gift,” stating, “AJ takes the award for Best Actress based on her ability to manipulate any situation, good or bad.” (WATCH AJ’S ACTING REEL)

AJ had her own thoughts on the win, which was a surprise to her. “I didn’t even know I was nominated,” the beautiful Diva exclaimed. “Is there some sort of reward that goes along with this, like a Slammy? I already have two Slammys and I could add it to …”

When she was informed of some of her colleagues’ cynical comments, however, she quickly grew more agitated. “Does that mean people don’t think I’m genuine, that I’m not 100 percent honest?” she demanded. “Because I am nothing but honest and genuine and true to who I am. If anyone doubts that, then I don’t really care. I don’t care what anyone thinks … but I will take this Best Actress Award if it is gold and shiny.”

AJ, take a bow …

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