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Benevolent King ready for challenge

Just two weeks into his reign, King Booker, like it or not has quickly assumed the role of a fighting Champion. WWE.com has learned that this Friday on SmackDown, the new World Heavyweight Champion will face Undertaker in one-on-one combat. Most Superstars shudder at the thought of facing the Phenom, but not King Booker. SmackDown's royalist of Champions welcomes the challenge of the Deadman.

"It's a challenge that I welcome," says the King. "It's always a good thing to go out there and prove that you're the best, too prove that you're worthy of being the King. To go out there and beat the Undertaker would prove to my loyal subjects that I am without a doubt the true and rightful King."

King Booker is fully aware that many have met their ultimate demise at the hands of Undertaker, but the King continues to look at the match as an opportunity to further his royal greatness.

"It can all end in the blink of an eye, and for many it does," says the Champion. "But for me, for King Booker, the gracious King, the humble King and the benevolent King, that will not happen. On Friday Night, I will solidify my greatness, and solidify my status as the No. 1 star on SmackDown. My loyal subjects will know that I am their King and their host forever more."

For the eager King, the chance to solidify greatness is just days away. For Undertaker, a win in a rare SmackDown appearance could mean a re-entry into the SmackDown title scene. Will the World Heavyweight Champion show all peasants that he is indeed the rightful King of SmackDown? Or will reality set in when Undertaker makes his way to the ring? Find out for yourself by tuning in to SmackDown this Friday at 8/7 CT to UPN. 

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