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Most Vulnerable Playa

Most Vulnerable Playa

PHOENIX -- On SmackDown Friday night, Matt Hardy was up to the challenge of proving to Montel Vontavious Porter and our fans that he is deserving of another opportunity at the United States Championship. Needless to say, the results of Hardy's pursuits were anything but enjoyable for SmackDown's MVP, whose own game may be flawed when it comes to his latest, and perhaps greatest adversary.
Porter, who earlier in the week told WWE.com that he needed no preparation for any challenge Matt could come up with, took his valuable time stalling while Hardy stood chomping at the bit, waiting for his proposed Arm Wrestling Contest to begin. The Ballin' Superstar stretched and strutted around the ring before finally locking hands with the hungry Hardy, who was determined to keep last week's promise that he'd keep beating MVP in any competition until he got his rematch for the gold. Though the outcome at times seemed in doubt, Matt's arm ultimately forced MVP's down onto the table, much to the delight of our fans, and the shock and disgust of the egotistical United States Champion.
So infuriated by his loss, Porter called out Hardy on the spot for a non-title match, which was eagerly accepted by the risk-taking North Carolinian. Although the hotshot Superstar lays claim to being better than everybody else, on this night in Arizona, MVP could not surpass the unexpected aggressiveness of Matt Hardy. Combining both power and finesse, the high-flying Hardy kept the Franchise Playa guessing -- wrongly, in many instances -- throughout the match. Yet when it seemed he was poised to lose twice in the same night, MVP took his ball and walked…right out of the ring. With no choice but to look on as the unsportsmanlike champion was counted out, Matt's second victory of the night was not as sweet as either he or our fans would have preferred.

Though never short on excuses, a locker room-bound MVP had only one thing to say to WWE.com regarding the Arm Wrestling Contest and subsequent match: "The whole world saw it. The referee was clearly on Matt Hardy's side all night, and I wasn't ready for that."

Ready or not, the bottom line is that on SmackDown Friday night, Montel Vontavious Porter wasn't better than Matt Hardy. In his search for singles gold, there's no question that Matt will continue to challenge the United States Champion. Therefore, if MVP wants to keep putting his money where his mouth is, he better invest in a new game plan that can withstand Hardy's drive and determination, and keep the bling around his waist.

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