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Tables, ladders and uncharitable acts

Tables, ladders and uncharitable acts

HERSHEY, Pa. -- As a surprise special guest on "The Cutting Edge," Hardcore Legend Mick Foley gave Edge a stern talking to about what he needed to do to win Hell in a Cell against Undertaker at SummerSlam. SummerSlam preview …

After recalling his own words from the past, describing Edge as the "greatest Superstar in WWE," Foley warned that if the new Edge -- the "white-tuxedo-wearing" and "luffa-sponge bathing Edge" -- walks into Hell in a Cell, The Undertaker will tear him apart.

After Foley's cutting words, the Rated-R Superstar claimed to understand the advice, but suddenly attacked the Hardcore Legend, leading to a melee culminating in Edge leaping from atop a ladder and smashing Foley through a table.

After enduring a very personal attack from Montel Vontavious Porter last week on SmackDown, Jeff Hardy planted himself in a chair in front of the announce table to watch MVP take on Jimmy Wang Yang. After MVP took care of business against Yang with a kick to the temple, the Legend Thriller came into the ring to silence his antagonist with a hard-hitting Twist of Fate. (WATCH)

Keeping the champ in check
In an exciting back-and-forth struggle for dominance, Mr. Kennedy battled United States Champion Shelton Benjamin in a non-title bout. After the champion weakened Kennedy with a brutal shoulder breaker into the ring post, the Gold Standard keyed-in on the injury with a series of targeted attacks. However, Kennedy was able to battle back and down the champion with a crushing Mic Check for the pinfall. When questioned by Eve after the match about his performance, the champion claimed he was suffering from an acute case of bronchitis.

Backbreaker punctuates win
With Ezekiel looking on, the self-proclaimed most intelligent Superstar in WWE, The Brian Kendrick, dominated his opponent, Stevie Richards. But the win wasn't enough to satisfy Kendrick's associate. After the match, Ezekiel hoisted Richards onto his back and delivered a paralyzing backbreaker. (WATCH)

Crushing the Legend Thriller
In perhaps one of Jeff Hardy's most lopsided matches ever, the Legend Thriller was completely dominated by The Great Khali. Toward the end of the match, however, Hardy had a glimmer of hope when he was able to topple the Punjabi Giant with a Whisper in the Wind capped off with a Swanton Bomb. But just when things were looking good for Hardy, MVP approached the ring, forcing Hardy to divert his attention, kicking MVP back away from the ring and onto the floor. As Hardy and MVP tussled outside the ring, Khali forcibly ripped Hardy back into the ring by the head. Next, the 7-footer locked Hardy in his painful Khali Vise Grip, forcing the referee to call for the bell to stop the punishment. After the match, MVP came back into the ring to gloat over Hardy's lifeless body.

Successful debut
Coming to SmackDown from Raw courtesy of the 2008 Supplemental WWE Draft, Playboy cover girl Maria made her debut on Friday nights in a match against Victoria. Using a flying clothesline off the ropes, Maria drove Victoria to the canvas to get the pinfall. (WATCH)

An angry giant is a dangerous giant
Domino should have thought twice before tossing his T-shirt into the face of Big Show. After the serious error in judgment, Domino paid a heavy price at the massive hands of The World's Largest Athlete, who chokeslammed Domino for the easy victory. After the bell, Umaga stormed into the arena to confront Big Show. After sizing each other up as they moved around the ring, Big Show motioned for Umaga to come toward him, but the Samoan Bulldozer decided to save it for another day and backed out of the ring.

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