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J.T. grabs a seat in Diva Search Musical Chairs

Rebecca DiPietro and J.T. Tinney battled it out for supremacy in Friday Night SmackDown's game of Diva Musical Chairs. The competition between the two almost got ugly — well, the word ugly really can't be used in association with any of the Diva Search finalists —  but after she was eliminated, Rebecca gave the sitting J.T. a shove, knocking her off the chair and onto the mat. Then, DiPietro grabbed the chair and it looked as if she was going to use it. That's when The Miz jumped in and snagged the chair from Rebecca's hands, before the mini-scuffle could escalate into anything more serious. 

The game began as harmless fun, but as soon as the contestants started struggling to find a seat, it got serious. Layla El's competitive side emerged after she couldn't find a seat, flailing her arms in anger at being the first one out. Jen England soon joined Layla, but she opted to take her exit in stride. Instead of getting angry, she blew kisses to fans in the crowd.

When the music resumed, the remaining four Diva hopefuls circled the chairs like vultures honing in on food. When the music cut, Erica Chevillar went for a chair, but ended up on Milena's lap — which nobody in the audience complained about. Unfortunately for Erica, she got bumped from the final three. 

With two chairs left, Rebecca and Milena Roucka fought for a seat, while J.T. found one without competition. In the end, Rebecca slid into the chair, but Milena wasn't a sore loser. She took Jen's approach, and gave the SmackDown fans a few leftover moves from the Diva Dance-Off last week on SmackDown. As she got off Rebecca's lap, she wiggled slowly in a seductive dance, trying to garner a few votes before Monday's results are announced.  

As the winner of Diva Search Musical Chairs, J.T. proved she's got the skills to prevail in a game of strategy. But, will it matter come Monday on RAW when the votes are tallied?

Who will it be? Which five will get one step closer to claiming the quarter million dollar prize? Remember, their fate is in your hands. Only your votes keep them in the contest. Vote online or via text message for your favorite Diva Search finalists. Then, watch RAW on Monday at 9/8 CT on the USA Network to see who the fans want out.

Need more information on the 2006 $250,000 Diva Search Contest finalists or how you can vote online or via text message?

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