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Dissention amongst the ranks

Have you ever had a friend betray you? Maybe steal your girl, lie to you, or kick you when you were down? What did you do about it? This Friday on SmackDown, William Regal has a score to settle when he faces Finlay who embarrassed Regal when he had Little Bastard hit him with a low blow at The Great American Bash.

Regal was originally scheduled to compete at the Bash on Sunday and assist fellow Court member Finlay in beating Bobby Lashley. When Lashley was pulled from the match for medical reasons, Regal was willing to skip the match and declare his buddy the winner and champion. So, when Regal's friend of 20 years unleashed his Leprechaun, Little Bastard, on him when the two were forced to go ahead with their match, is it any wonder that the Englishman felt a little miffed and embarrassed?

WWE.com tried to catch up with Regal to get his thoughts, but he refused to comment about the upcoming match. He would only say that he was embarrassed and humiliated by the treatment from Finlay and his "troll" Sunday at the Bash.

The United States Champion was more forth coming with his feelings, however.

"I could care less if Regal's embarrassed," scoffed the Irishman. "Sure we've been friends, but when it comes to being a champ, there are no friends. I did what I had to do Sunday."

Finlay's sentiments are understandable. Many champions have had to face their friends in the ring and have viewed it strictly as business. But was using the help of his little green friend too much?

"You guys can talk about the troll all you want, but it's a figment of your imagination and obviously a figment of Regal's imagination, too," dismissed Finlay. "I've been teaching Regal lessons since he was 16 years old; that's when I first wrestled him. I broke his nose, busted his eye socket and gave him a cauliflower ear."

It does not sound like these two will easily kiss and make up. Both men are gifted grapplers and the fans are sure to get quite a show when they meet in the ring. Will they be able to work out their differences on Friday night, or is this duo done? Tune in to Friday Night SmackDown at 8/7 CT on UPN to find out.

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