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Luckily charmed

Luckily charmed

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Hornswoggle finally found his pot of gold at The Great American Bash, in the form of the lustrous Cruiserweight Championship of the World. With one plop of his four-foot frame, Finlay's sullied sidekick scored big on Sunday, becoming the smallest champion in WWE history.

Immediately following the Cruiserweight Open for the title, the elated leprechaun wildly threw his arms in the air in rejoice as the disbelieving cruiserweights stood green with envy. The festivities continued later, as countless boxes of Lucky Charms and empty half-pints of Guinness were found strewn throughout the locker room area of San Jose's HP Pavilion.

Possibly sharing several spoonfuls of marshmallow good luck charms alongside the new Cruiserweight Champion after his Great American Bash win was Finlay. The man who loves to fight appeared ready to raise his fists on Sunday night -- only this time, in celebration.

"It's unbelievable," said a grinning Finlay, exposing the tooth gap in his Irish smile. "You better believe I'm excited. None of those cruiserweights even saw [Hornswoggle] coming."

Since Finlay himself is a former United States Champion, one would presume that his petite pal's championship victory was the result of a premeditated plot by the Irish pair. According to Finlay, however, his little accomplice went into business for himself at The Bash.

"Hell, even I had no idea he planned to do what he did," he admitted. "But I'm glad the little guy decided to step up. He made me very proud."

Following Hornswoggle's golden pinfall over Jamie Noble at The Bash, word amongst the SmackDown cruiserweights is that the champion's alliance with Finlay could be to his advantage. Knowing that he enjoys a good fight, Finlay could very well prove to be a valuable asset in Hornswoggle's corner during title defenses.

Many would argue that during the Fighting Irishman's reign as U.S. Champion, Hornswoggle played an integral role in Finlay's ascent to the top of the SmackDown mountain. Might Finlay be interested in returning the favor now that his little friend rests atop the cruiserweight mound?

As Hornswoggle prepares to defend his newly acquired gold against division competitors, the odds and inches are certainly stacked against him. Could Finlay's pride in his tiny associate behoove the new Cruiserweight Champion? Or would even that not be enough when it comes time for Hornswoggle to come face-to-waist with Superstars the likes of Noble, Jimmy Wang Yang and former champion Chavo Guerrero?

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