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Milena Roucka declared winner of Diva Dance-Off

The pressure is on for the remaining seven finalists in the 2006 $250,000 Diva Search Contest. Amy Zidian was overcome with tears after being the first eliminated in the Diva Search last week on RAW. And on Friday Night SmackDown, the remaining contestants did their best avoid Amy's fate by creating a 30-second dance routine impressive enough to leave a lasting impression on the fans in the Diva Dance-Off.

When The Miz asked the crowd for a winner, it was obvious by their thunderous applause that Milena Roucka was it. Unfortunately for Milena, unlike Sgt. Slaughter's Diva Boot Camp, a win in the Dance-Off doesn't grant immunity from the next elimination on RAW.

The crowd obviously enjoyed Roucka's titillating performance that included tossing her pink cowboy hat into the crowd and tearing off her over shirt. Layla El brought out a few tricks she learned as a Miami Heat dancer—dropping splits and bouncing along the ropes. Her routine was as fast paced and sexy, and ended with whistles and cheers from the fans. J.T. Tinney's black mini-skirt and split on the bottom rope got upbeat feedback. Jen England stitched her name into the back of her pink bustier, sticking with her method of subliminally inserting her name into the minds of the voters. Rebecca DiPietro dressed in a revealing cowgirl outfit and went with a seductive strip-tease dance that revealed her ‘Got Milk' bra. Maryse Ouellet seemed as if she might get intimate with the mat, as she wiggled her way to the ring post and up the second turnbuckle—getting a solid reaction from the crowd. Erica Chevillar tried a slower, more intimate approach in her dance.

While all the fans were winners for watching the Diva Dance-Off, the seven finalists — including the winner, Milena — are eligible for elimination on RAW. To say alive in the competition the Diva Search finalists need your votes. Get more info on the contestants and the low down on how to vote for your favorite Diva Search contestant.

The results will be revealed live on RAW, where the pool of seven will get cut to six. Immediately following the Diva Search finalist's departure, log onto WWE.com to get exclusive reactions from the eliminated contestant. 

Who will make it to the final six? Will there be another tearful goodbye like Amy's? Watch RAW at 9/8 CT on the USA Network to find out.

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