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Mark of the faithful

Mark of the faithful

A guardian angel in your corner is a powerful thing for any WWE Superstar. And Rey Mysterio has assured that his protector of faith will always be with him, now that he's turned a young fan's kindness into ink for the creation of his newest tattoo. 

"I was at an autograph signing," Mysterio explained with a smile. "A little girl gave me a collage that she made of me with a prayer on it. She said it was a prayer that she says for me every night."

"I pray every day," added the Intercontinental Champion, who was more than a little touched by the gesture, being a man of enormous faith himself. "Before and after bed, before I fly and before I drive. It keeps me connected to God. It's cool that people are praying for me and keeping me safe."

As if fate had lent a hand, Mysterio's new acquisition spoke to him at the same time that the dynamic masked Superstar was looking for his next piece of body art.

"I wanted a new tattoo but couldn't decide what to get. I read that little girl's prayer every day and suddenly it hit me. That prayer is definitely the tattoo I want."

The tattoo, translated into English, reads, "Jesus Christ, you accompany me every day. I ask you to bless me and protect me every time I land on the mat because my life is always on the line. Never leave me alone. Protect me and be with me always. Amen."

In a profession where ink can symbolize all that is special to a Superstar, the high-flying Mysterio has taken a leap of faith. And his tremendous new tattoo will always serve as a testament, both to his immense faith and his unwavering belief in the WWE Universe.

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