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Cruiserweight Champ Oozes Confidence

Tonight on Friday Night SmackDown, Gregory Helms puts his Cruiserweight Championship on the line against Super Crazy. For Crazy, it's been an emotional past few weeks. His former tag team partner, Psicosis, fled the scene twice while the Great Kahli delivered two vicious beatings on him, and then after their final match together—a loss to Paul London & Brian Kendrick last week on SmackDown—the two ex-partners came to blows, solidifying the destruction of the Mexicools.
Now, alone in the Cruiserweight division, it will be interesting to see how Super Crazy's health—both mentally and physically—holds up for tonight's huge opportunity for him to claim WWE gold. Will the high flying Cruiserweight be in the right frame of mind to win the Championship away from Gregory Helms?

As for Helms, he's not concerned about the high risk style of Super Crazy, and would rather have the focus shift from Super Crazy's hang-ups to where it rightfully belongs—on Gregory Helms. 

"He needs to be 110 percent concentrated and concerned with Gregory Helms, ‘cause it's Gregory Helms that's going to be in his face, not Psicosis," said the Champ.

If it seems like Helms is just overlooking Super Crazy, he's isn't. In actuality, he's overlooked the entire division—not just Crazy.

"I call myself the greatest Cruiserweight Champion ever, and I believe that with all my heart. That's not a tag line, that's not a catch phrase, that's a simple fact," Helms claims. "Since I've come to SmackDown, the WWE Tag Team Champions have changed once or twice, the U.S. Champion one time, the World Champion one time, but the Cruiserweight Championship has changed hands only one time. It came into the possession of Gregory Helms. That's where it's at, and that's were it's going to stay," he said. 

On SmackDown tonight, Helms will have two things accompanying him to the ring: his Championship and his confidence. To emerge victorious Super Crazy needs to bring his A-game and stay away from the Nightmare on Helms Street. Can he do it? Will there be a new Cruiserweight Champion? Find out on Friday Night SmackDown, tonight at 8/7 CT on UPN.

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