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London & Kendrick hope to avoid role reversal

Paul London & Brian Kendrick defeated then-WWE Tag Team Champions MNM five times before finally defeating them a sixth time at Judgment Day to become the new Champions. Soon after winning the gold, the dynamic duo were caught off guard by The Mexicools in a non-title match. Since then, Super Crazy has defeated Brian Kendrick in singles competition, and the scenario is starting to play out eerily reminiscent of how the Champs were able to overcome MNM. London & Kendrick hope that won’t be the case when they face The Mexicools in a WWE Tag Team Championship Match tonight on SmackDown.

“After our first match with The Mexicools, and after my match with Super Crazy, we’ve gotten a taste of them,” said Kendrick. “We’ve gotten to know them a little better than we did going into it, but I guess we’re on the ropes somewhat. We’re going in with two losses to them.”

Even though they have suffered two losses at the hands of Super Crazy and Psicosis, London thinks that tonight will be different.

“We know what we’re going to do, and they think they know what we can do, but they don’t understand that Brian and I study all styles of wrestling,” said London. “It doesn’t matter if it’s Japanese, lucha, American, from Spain, African, we’ve studied it all. I think The Mexicools have their hands full.”

Despite being confident that he and Kendrick will successfully defend the WWE Tag Team Championship, London does realize that there is some pressure on them tonight.

“They’re up 2-0 on us, so the pressure is definitely on us,” said London. “We have to make a statement and prove why we’re the Champions.”

Kendrick agreed that since they’re now the Champions as opposed to the challengers, the pressure has definitely increased.

“When you don’t have the Championship, and you’re going for it, you have nothing to lose,” said Kendrick. “This is my first Championship in WWE, so I’ve never felt this kind of pressure before. It’s dawned on me now that all it takes is one loss, and we’re right back down to obscurity. It’s a scary feeling. It’s exciting every time we go out there and the Championship is on the line.”

Tonight will mark a golden opportunity, literally, for The Mexicools, but Super Craz and Psicosis have been undergoing some serious issues over the past couple of weeks. For the last two weeks, The Great Khali has come out and dismantled whoever was in his way. Both weeks, Super Crazy was unfortunate enough to be in the giant’s way. And both weeks, Psicosis left his tag team partner to fend for himself. Psicosis hasn’t exactly had his partner’s back lately, but that will have to change if The Mexicools wants to become WWE Tag Team Champions.

“What Paul and I do best is work as a team,” said Kendrick. “We work together. The Mexicools have always been good at that in the past, but right now it’s not looking that way. So, with that in mind, that definitely works in our favor.”

Will the WWE Tag Team Champions' teamwork pay off, or can The Mexicools get on the same page and dethrone Paul London & Brian Kendrick? Tune in to Friday Night SmackDown at 8/7 CT on UPN to find out.

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