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Lashley hungry for more

Last week on SmackDown, Bobby Lashley overcame a knee injury and interference from King Booker’s Court to defeat the King in singles competition, but the United States Champion isn’t satisfied just yet. In fact, Lashley went to General Manager Theodore Long and demanded that he get another opportunity at his nemesis, King Booker.

“Just winning the match last week wasn’t enough for me,” said Lashley. “I want some revenge for what King Booker (and his Court) did to me a few weeks back when they jumped me and made me kiss his feet. Just to win definitely wasn’t enough. I need more, and that’s why I wanted him again tonight.”

This rivalry stems back to even before Lashley was forced to kiss King Booker’s feet. Two two met up in the finals in the King of the Ring Tournament, and thanks to some outside interference from Finlay and his shillelagh, Booker T went on to become King Booker. Ever since then, whenever Lashley gets anywhere near King Booker, the rest of his court including Finlay and William Regal are not far behind.

“It’s just me out there. I have to worry about my match with Booker, so I have to keep my eye on him, but I have to be aware that (his Court) is going to come out from every angle just like they’ve done before,” said Lashley. “I don’t have anybody to watch my back, so I definitely have to keep my eyes open.”

Meanwhile, King Booker can’t understand why Lashley would want to face him yet again.

“He’s a tough kid. He’s not too smart, but he’s a tough kid,” said King Booker. “He’s a glutton for punishment. He’s one of those guys who wish to prove himself as one of the ell-time greatest Champions and do it at the Champion of Champions’ expense. That will not happen for Bobby Lashley. Bobby Lashley is in for a lot of pain. Bobby Lashley is in for a lot of punishment.”

King Booker has even gone so far in the past as to call the United States Champion, Lashley, a peasant. But last week it was the peasant who reigned supreme.

“Well, even a peasant can have a good day. Even some of the people that you never thought could do it, squeaked through and got the big win,” said King Booker. “Buster Douglas came through against Mike Tyson. That was a great night in Tokyo, Japan. But he followed it up with a big loss to Evander Holyfield – a knockout in the first round. So, there have been a lot of flashes in the pan – guys that are here today and gone tomorrow. I don’t see that in Bobby Lashley. But to beat King Booker, a great Champion, a tag team Champion, a Television Champion, a United States Champion, an Intercontinental Champion, a Hardcore Champion as well as a five-time WCW Heavyweight Champion, the greatest Champion of all time – it will never happen again.”

Is King Booker right, or will Lashley be able to overcome the King for a second-straight week? Tune in to SmackDown tonight at 8/7 CT on UPN to find out.

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