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Princes or paupers?

Tonight on SmackDown, the members of King Booker’s “court” will be in tag team action when Finlay & William Regal take on Matt Hardy & Gunner Scott. In recent weeks, Finlay & Regal have helped the new King in his dealing with Bobby Lashley; however, this will be the first time they’ve teamed on SmackDown. It will also be the first time Hardy and Scott have come together, but Hardy is already quite impressed by his partner.

“I really think he has a lot of potential and I think he will fit in well here on SmackDown,” Hardy told WWE.com. “He’s really solid at technical wrestling. I think that one he finds his niche here on SmackDown and is able to highlight his technical wrestling skills he’s going to be a force to be reckoned with.”

Even with that optimism, Hardy knows that they’re in for a tough battle against their European opponents. “These guys have wrestled everywhere, and when it comes to both technical wrestling and toughness these guys have it all,” Hardy remarked. “They’re the total package; I’ve been in the ring with Finlay and there’s none better. So I think our game plan is going to be to go out there and try to be as much of a cohesive unit as we can, isolate (one of them) and not let them get those quick tags in and out.”

On the other side, Finlay agrees with Hardy about the nature of the match. “Of course it’s going to be a tough battle,” he said, “but I’m in control as always. It’s going to be a near drowning experience and I predict they’re both going to drown.”

Unlike Hardy, however, Finlay and his partner may not be on the same page. “I don’t like Regal either by the way, but that’s what’s going to happen,” he told WWE.com.

Finlay himself has been on a major roll he’s been on as of late, having pinned World Champion Rey Mysterio last week. Because of this roll, Finlay is confident that despite his issues with Regal they will come out on top.

“I’m sick of listening to people saying how good they are, how many Championships they’ve won and how many people they’ve beaten,” the Irishman sneered. “It’s all wish-wash and make-believe. I’m the real deal; I’ve lasted, beaten everyone and done everything. It’s simple…I’m the best.”

One thing’s for sure: one of these two teams will get their first victory as a combination tonight. But will we see the little bastard under the ring who has helped Finlay in recent weeks? Maybe…but Finlay won’t admit to it. “What little friend under the ring?” he shouted. “You’ve been smoking dope again, haven’t you? You’re hallucinating.”  

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