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Can the "Wrestling God" become a commentary God?

Sunday night at ECW One Night Stand, JBL told the world that he was coming back to SmackDown to replace Tazz as the brand's color commentator. It's a totally new role for the former WWE Champion, who is used to doing all his talking in the ring; in fact, it's a role that JBL never thought he'd fill.

"No, I never imagined it," JBL told WWE.com in an exclusive interview, "but you know what? It makes a lot of sense."

Fair enough, his opinion is his opinion…but the rest of JBL's answer to that question seems to reveal a possible case of sour grapes. "I beat Rey Mysterio; I beat him 1-2-3. But referee's verdicts are never overturned; there's no instant replay in WWE, never has been and never will be," he continued. "The referee stopped and then started the match back over and negated me defeating Rey Mysterio 1-2-3. I hit him with the Clothesline from Hell; everybody I've ever hit that on has lost. Rey Mysterio lost. So I'm not coming back to wrestle; I'm taking something away from the fans because they want to see JBL. So what I'm going to do is be on SmackDown for two hours a night every single time SmackDown is on network television or pay-per-view."

Having made a statement like that, will JBL be able to give an unbiased commentary? "I'm always unbiased. I don't think anything about Rey Mysterio," JBL sneered. "The guy is from San Diego, and he wears a mask and he swears allegiance to Mexico. I find that offensive, as most Americans should. It's just pathetic what he represents. It's just like FOX News; when I appear on the "Fair and Balanced" FOX News, we give things right down the line and people don't like to hear that sometimes."

It seems that JBL still has issues with the man who retired him, Rey Mysterio, but he denied that allegation. "No I have no issue with him at all," he said, "(but) I find him offensive. Personally he may be a good man, (but) he's pretty much done everything but tear up the American flag and burn it. He's from San Diego, the 619; so is (former USC running back) Reggie Bush. When he painted 619 under his eyeballs when he played for USC, you didn't see him coming out waving the El Salvadorian or the Nigerian flag or the UK flag; you saw him waving the American flag. That's what people do in this country. I find Rey Mysterio horribly offensive; I think he should be banned from this game."

So how will he call a Rey Mysterio match? "The same way I call things on FOX News (or) my nationally syndicated John Bradshaw Layfield radio show, the same way I look at a company for the Street.com," JBL protested. "I look at it objectively. What I see in Rey Mysterio is honestly what 99 percent of Americans see, and they don't like what they see. I'm simply telling it like it is. I have always done that and it upsets a few people. People like Rey Mysterio because he's an underdog. (The) people (who) like Rey Mysterio have been locked in their lockers; they sit in their basements of their mommy's house and get on the Internet and look up their little porn sites and email each other about being hardcore, about did you see what Rey Mysterio did? That's the small majority of Americans. Most Americans love the people of power, the people who love this country like me. People love JBL, and I'm going to be objective about it. I know people love me and I know people despise Rey Mysterio."

Yet oddly enough, JBL claims he doesn't blame Mysterio for being forced into his new career. "I blame Teddy Long. I believe that Teddy Long is prejudiced (and) racist; he's trying to keep the white man down," JBL shouted. "Teddy Long has done this just to get back at me. If you look at the referee, the referee (Jim Korderas, who refereed the JBL/Mysterio match) was Canadian. I was the only American in the ring and I'm the only one getting shafted."

Clearly, JBL on color commentary will be a sight to see. The few times he sat in with Michael Cole and Tazz, Cole never seemed to have anything positive to say to JBL. What will happen when the former WWE Champion is by his side for a whole show?

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