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It had been more than two months since Undertaker had been seen on SmackDown!

Of course, The Deadman's last official match came at WrestleMania 21, where he defeated Randy Orton to improve his legendary record to 13-0 at WWE's marquee event.

But just when it looked like Undertaker's homecoming would steal the spotlight Thursday night in Hershey, PA., The Legend Killer himself returned for revenge, and to break some jaw-dropping news.

Orton cost Undertaker his No Disqualification Match with JBL in the main event and then told the sold-out crowd he was officially on SmackDown!, representing the brand's No. 2 pick in the dramatic WWE Draft Lottery.

Orton came out of nowhere as Taker was preparing to finish JBL off with a Tombstone in a brutal match. Orton connected with a RKO as JBL took advantage with an easy pin. Orton then gave a stunned Undertaker some time to locate his senses before announcing his official SmackDown! arrival. WATCH

JBL survived the match despite having no members of his Cabinet present. United States Champion and Chief of Staff Orlando Jordan, who earlier in the night used the ropes to pin Hardcore Holly, was pulled away from the main event by a furious Chris Benoit.

The Cabinet attacked Benoit after the Crippler defeated Doug Basham in singles action to open the show. JBL was trying to teach the SmackDown! newcomer a lesson, but before the assault could go any further, Undertaker's music hit and he appeared right in the center of the ring, petrifying JBL and his Cabinet. WATCH

General Manager Theodore Long wasted no time in pitting the longtime rivals in a match.

Later, Doug and Danny Basham quit their positions as the Secretaries of Defense, claiming they were sick and tired of being "crash-test dummies" for JBL, and leaving the former WWE Champion without his typical entourage for his match with Taker.

Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio had another violent run-in. Guerrero won his match against Paul London when London tapped out to a painful submission move. After Latino Heat failed to release the hold, an incensed Mysterio crashed the ring and hit Guerrero with four chair shots.

Their brawl actually spilled backstage with the former friends and partners trading blows in the bowels of the arena. WATCH

Big Show defeated Matt Morgan when Carlito interfered in the match to get his Big Back-up disqualified. Still, Show got his ultimate revenge when he chokeslammed Morgan through the announcer's table after the decision.

Heidenreich didn't quite make friends with MNM. The WWE Tag Team Champions interrupted Heidenreich's chocolate party with the SmackDown! Divas and ultimately connected with the Snapshot, laying out the program's resident poet.

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