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Mr. Kennedy is back...back

Tonight on Friday Night SmackDown, Mr. Kennedy returns to the ring after missing nearly six months with a torn lat muscle in his back. While Kennedy has made several appearances while on the injured list, he has not stepped in the ring since Thanksgiving weekend of 2005. But even after such a long layoff, Mr. Kennedy is ready to get back to action and confident in his ability.

“I feel great, 120 percent. I tore my lat which is in my back right up near the arms pits. It just said I don’t want to be here anymore and it just pulled away from the bone,” he told WWE.com. “But it’s ready to go. It has been ready for several weeks and I’ve been waiting for this opportunity.”

So will we see a “new and improved” Mr. Kennedy in the ring tonight? “New and improved?” he shouted. “What is there to improve? Are you saying that there was something messed up with me before?” Obviously, Mr. Kennedy hasn’t missed a beat.

While he wouldn’t tell WWE.com what he had in store for his return to the ring, he did offer one piece of advice to fans and SmackDown Superstars alike. “Summer is not going to be the same on SmackDown, I am the man who is single-handedly changing Friday nights and you’re going to find that out again tonight.”

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