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Angle hopes to go out with a bang

The entire world of sports-entertainment was shaken up in a huge way Monday night when it was revealed that Kurt Angle would be leaving SmackDown to go to the new ECW. Paul Heyman used his one and only SmackDown draft pick on the Wrestling Machine because he said Angle embodies the new vision of ECW. While that may be the case, over the years, Angle has certainly been one of the most influential Superstars in SmackDown history. That will all come to an end this Friday night, when Angle faces long-time friend and oftentimes opponent, World Champion Rey Mysterio, in his SmackDown farewell match.

Mysterio and Angle have had countless classics over the years, and Mysterio is happy to be doing it one last time on SmackDown.

“I am more than happy to have Kurt Angle’s farewell match now that he’s jumping on board with ECW. I’ve given him a lot of battles in the ring, and I have to say that I am lucky to face Kurt for the last time,” said Mysterio. “Who knows if it will be the last time for good, but it will be the last time on SmackDown.”

Some people might want a nice easy match for their farewell to ensure they go out on a high note. But not Angle. The Wrestling Machine actually requested he go one on one with SmackDown’s top Superstar for his farewell match.

“I was asked who I would want to wrestle, and I think that Rey Mysterio has proven himself to be the best wrestler on the SmackDown roster,” said Angle. “I believe Rey and I have great chemistry. We’ve had some barnburners in the past, and I believe this one will be the biggest of them all because Kurt Angle wants to go out with a bang.”

Having had so many great matches with each other in the past, it could be hard to live up to the expectations heading into what should be another instant classic. But that’s not something Mysterio is worried about.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that we can have another classic,” said Mysterio. “I don’t think there’s a doubt in Kurt’s mind that he’s willing to go out there and tear the house down. SummerSlam (2002) was my first pay-per-view here, and I wrestled Kurt Angle, and now after four years for me, it’s a great honor for me to be in the ring against him again.”

Regardless of the outcome of the match, Mysterio is going to miss the Wrestling Machine once he’s gone.

“It’s going to be sad to see him go personally because I’ve had great battles with him, and I love being in the ring with competition, and Kurt brings a lot of competition,” said Mysterio.

While Angle is very excited for his farewell match this Friday night, the Wrestling Machine is also excited to start a new chapter of his career in the new ECW.

“When I go to ECW, I’m going to dominate there way more than I’ve dominated anywhere else because I’m going in with a new attitude,” said Angle. “In ECW, they want to get rough and tough, and they want to use things to try and hurt Kurt and break his ankle and break his neck. Well, they’re going to find out that they’re the ones who are going to get their necks broken by suplexes and they’re going to get their ankles broken by my ankle lock.”

Angle may be breaking necks and ankles in the new ECW in the very near future, but one thing is for certain. He will face Rey Mysterio in his SmackDown farewell match this Friday. Don’t miss what will surely be an instant classic on Friday Night SmackDown at 8/7 CT on UPN.

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