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A new era of arrogance

A new era of arrogance

DES MOINES, Iowa. -- The new United States Champion Montel Vontavious Porter arrived at SmackDown to celebrate his newly won title, and the brazen Superstar couldn't pass up the opportunity to rub his victory in the faces of our fans or the former champion -- Chris Benoit.
"I told you I would change Friday nights," MVP said. "I told you that I would be a champion, and that when I signed the most lucrative contract in sports-entertainment history, that I would be worth every penny -- and you all doubted me."
MVP continued to berate all his naysayers, "when I challenged Chris Benoit for the US Title, you all said I was out of my league. It's not my style to say I told you so. But, I am the United States Champion -- and I told you so."
Porter then decided to call out the Rabid Wolverine, the man he defeated with two straight falls at Judgment Day in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match. The former champion Benoit made his way to the ring, where he stood face-to-face with MVP for the first time since losing the title. When he put his hand out to offer congratulations to the new champion, MVP shook the hand of Chris Benoit, perhaps signifying he would carry the U.S. Championship with the same honor and class that Benoit had. The Wolverine, never one to make excuses for a loss, shook the hand of MVP, realizing he was beat fairly at Judgment Day. The former champion then looked to leave the ring and let the new champ have his moment in the spotlight. 

But Montel Vontavious Porter could not leave well enough alone. He had the chance in Des Moines to become as honorable a champion as all the great competitors to wear the United States Championship, but he dropped the ball, opting instead to play his own game and shun tradition. As Benoit exited the ring, MVP crowed, "I don't think a handshake is enough. Benoit, I didn't just beat you, I dominated you, and I think you should acknowledge the fact that I am SmackDown's MVP." As he shoved his bling into Benoit's face, MVP declared, "I am the future, you are the past. So raise my hand, Benoit."
The questionable move by the overconfident Superstar backfired, and Benoit went on the offensive, delivering three German suplexes before chasing Porter out of the ring. It is apparent that Chris Benoit is not going to go away so easily, and that the ballin' Superstar MVP is in for the game of his life.

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