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Ballin' for gold

Ballin' for gold
BALTIMORE -- Just 48 hours away from their 2-out-of-3 Falls Match at Judgment Day, both the United States Champion Chris Benoit and the challenger to his title, MVP, were in action on SmackDown, with each looking to gain some important momentum for their match Sunday on pay-per-view.

The brash MVP squared off against the red-hot Matt Hardy, who has been rolling ever since he and his brother Jeff recaptured the World Tag Team Championship. Both Porter and Matt Hardy are looking to step up on SmackDown, and on this night, MVP was able to score the victory.

After the match, SmackDown announcer Michael Cole interviewed MVP, and the up-and-coming Superstar assured our fans, "I will overcome the politics and the nations of playa haters that doubt me. And then I will most certainly be ballin'." The focused newcomer seems desperate in his pursuit of championship gold, but his cockiness has concealed any doubts the challenger may have.

MVP's promise received a bit more of a boost when later in the night his Judgment Day opponent, the U.S. Champion Benoit, battled Finlay. As the champion seized control of the physical match, Finlay turned the tables, injuring the Rabid Wolverine's knee. Despite the immense pain, Benoit continued to fight, and as he locked Finlay in the Crossface, the opportunistic MVP attacked.

Porter and Finlay dissected Benoit, and the Irishman delivered a devastating shillelagh blow to the already injured knee of the champion. MVP then nearly decapitated Benoit, taking full advantage of the injury. As MVP pummeled Benoit, he only helped his cause heading into Sunday's encounter. Unable to capitalize the first two times he faced Benoit in the ring for the title, the ballin' Superstar may be on a gold rush after leaving a wounded Wolverine in the ring.

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