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Preparing for Judgment

Preparing for Judgment

DAYTON, Ohio -- Just two nights before Judgment Day, mayhem came to the land of SmackDown when Jeff Hardy, CM Punk, Umaga and Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio crashed the party.

World Heavyweight Champion Edge def. Chris Jericho (non-title) (PHOTOS | VIDEO)
When World Heavyweight Champion Edge and Chris Jericho collided in the main event, The Ultimate Opportunist picked up the win after Jericho was disqualified for bringing a steel chair into the ring.

But the action was far from over.

Chaos ensued when Jeff Hardy ran into the ring, hitting Edge with a Twist of Fate. Next, the high-flyer leaped from the top rope onto Jericho.

Capitalizing on the mayhem, CM Punk rushed into the arena, hoping to cash in his Money in the Bank contract and take Edge's title. However, Punk was once again stopped by Umaga.

With Umaga and Punk battling it out, Judgment Day opponents Hardy and Edge continued to wage war outside the ring. As their battle spilled out into the WWE Universe, Punk and Umaga continued to slug it out on the arena floor.

Finally, Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio stormed into the arena to attack Jericho and make his own statement just hours before Judgment Day.

Who's really in charge? (PHOTOS | VIDEO)
At the start of the night, Edge and Chris Jericho traded words over who really runs SmackDown. After stating he's been given a raw deal on Friday nights, Jericho looked out across the WWE Universe and claimed a conspiracy has been "orchestrated and perpetrated by all of you fraudulent, gelatinous parasitic tapeworms." But, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long cleared the air and let everyone know who's really in charge -- the WWE Universe! Next, the GM announced Edge and Jericho would square off in the main event. Holla! Holla! Holla!

CM Punk & John Morrison def. Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas (PHOTOS | VIDEO)
Ever since the WWE Draft -- and distancing himself from The Miz -- John Morrison has continued to make bold statements on SmackDown, including defeating Charlie Haas last week. Tonight, Morrison teamed with a partner of his choosing -- CM Punk. Once again, using the Starship Pain, The Friday Night Delight put away Haas. Before the bout, Benjamin & Haas confronted Morrison in the locker room area. (VIDEO)

John Morrison vs. Shelton Benjamin at Judgment Day
This Sunday, Benjamin will have an opportunity at revenge against Morrison when the two square off at Judgment Day. (Preview)

Jeff Hardy def. Ricky Ortiz (PHOTOS | VIDEO)
Using a triple assault of a Whisper in the Wind, Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb, Jeff Hardy stopped Ricky Ortiz cold. After the victory, the high-flyer predicted a win over World Heavyweight Champion Edge at Judgment Day. (Preview)

Dolph Ziggler def. Jimmy Wang Yang (PHOTOS)
Last week on SmackDown, Dolph Ziggler made a strong statement by viciously attacking The Great Khali with a steel chair. Tonight, after defeating Yang, Ziggler was confronted by The Great Khali, who was out for revenge. In one fell swoop, The Punjabi Giant lifted Ziggler up and over the top rope with one hand and tossed him out onto the arena floor. The big 7-footer then chased Ziggler out of the arena. Ziggler can run, but can he hide forever from the massive giant?

R-Truth def. Mike Knox (PHOTOS)
Using his quickness and athleticism, R-Truth was able to down formidable foe Mike Knox using a corkscrew elbow.

Women's Champion Melina & Gail Kim def. Michelle McCool & Alicia Fox (PHOTOS)
In recent weeks, Gail Kim and Michelle McCool have traded wins in singles competition. On this night, it was Kim who came out on top when her partner, Women's Champion Melina, stunned McCool with a high-impact maneuver to set up the pinfall.

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