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John Cena & JBL

As has been the case lately, JBL was a man of many words. However, WWE Champion John Cena was a man of action this week in Reading, PA.

Former WWE Champion JBL announced the re-release of his best-selling book, "Have More Money Now," and then went on to trash John Cena as a role model and WWE Champion.

JBL also claimed there was no way he would quit during the now official "I Quit Match" at Judgment Day.

Cena would soon storm the ring, but instead of firing back verbal jabs, Cena speared JBL and the two began to brawl. The Cabinet was the first to arrive on the scene, allowing JBL to get in more than a dozen cheap shots until the entire lockerroom emptied to break up the fracas. WATCH: 56k | 300k

Meanwhile, Eddie Guerrero finally spoke about his actions of last week when Latino Heat violently attacked Rey Mysterio after his match with Chavo Guerrero. Just before the show, General Manager Theodore Long announced Eddie and Rey would have a match at Judgment Day.

With Mysterio home recuperating, Eddie came out to the ring holding the same Mysterio mask he bloodied last week and basically blamed his former tag team partner for his actions. "Rey wanted a fight and that's what he got," Guerrero said.

Guerrero also blamed Rey and the fans for stealing his passion and energy. But Eddie Guerrero said he has it all back now, and warned Mysterio that his fate could be even worse if he shows up for Judgment Day. WATCH: 56k | 300k

If insulting and nearly attacking Booker T's wife last week wasn't bad enough, Kurt Angle possibly reached an all-time low this week on SmackDown! when he hit on her.

Angle shocked everyone when he admitted in a backstage interview that he wanted to have "perverted sex" with Sharmell. Later, Booker T and Angle, who already are scheduled for a battle at Judgment Day on May 22, squared off on Thursday.

Booker T, furious over Angle's words, dominated the early action, but after Angle connected with an Angle Slam, Angle left the ring and headed straight for Booker T's lockerroom, where he found Sharmell.

Booker T came to the rescue, but he was quickly ambushed by Angle, who beat Booker down and eventually slammed him into a pair of steel lockers as his wife screamed in horror. WATCH: 56k | 300k

Their match at Judgment Day just got very personal.

Big Show had a bizarre appearance on Carlito's Cabana. Carlito offered Big Show a chance to be part of the Cabana as a bodyguard, and claimed together Show and himself would be unstoppable. However, Big Show said he didn't need any help to succeed and declined the invitation.

But Carlito would get the last word when Big Show took a bite out of a poisoned apple. Show fell to the ground in agony as Carlito mocked him.

In six-man tag team action, Chavo Guerrero and WWE Tag Team Champions MNM defeated Cruiserweight Champion Paul London, Charlie Haas and Hardcore Holly. Chavo used the ropes to pin London.

Also, Heidenreich made another friend, a youngster in the crowd, and went on to defeat Spike Dudley. Matt Morgan had his way with Funaki for another easy victory.


Big Show leaves the ring after eating the bad apple: 56k | 300k

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