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SmackDown Superstars are stunned by Edge

SmackDown Superstars are stunned by Edge

PITTSBURGH — The Steel City witnessed an earth-shattering event as Edge blasted into the Mellon Arena, cashed in his Money in the Bank opportunity, pinned a broken and beaten Undertaker and became the new World Heavyweight Champion. The events of the night shocked our fans and left the Superstars of SmackDown reeling. WWE.com caught up with many of the SmackDown Superstars just after the events unfolded.

Matt Hardy was surprisingly quite pleased with Edge's actions, for personal reasons. "Even though he is probably the person I hate the most out of anyone on this planet," said Hardy, "I'm excited because if he is around here I can get revenge. Nothing would make me happier then stepping into the ring and beating him for the World Heavyweight Championship."

Chavo Guerrero was also in support of Edge's controversial win, but saw an opportunity to add more gold to his waist.

"[Edge] played his card to a ‘T,'" Chavo said. "He just won the lottery, World Series and the Super Bowl. If I was Mr. Money in the Bank, that's how I would have played it. Looks like we have a new sheriff in town, but he better hold on to that title tight because I'm going to be in line to take it, just like everyone else."

Finlay, a Superstar who is no stranger to controversy had this to add: "I think it's great because I hate Undertaker, I hate Batista, and I think Edge is a great person. But he could feel a shillelagh over his head too"

SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long had the big picture on his mind. "I haven't had time to make any kind of decision about which direction SmackDown is going to go in," explained Long. "There was a big upset tonight and we are going to have a lot to talk about."

The effects of Edge's huge victory have sent shockwaves throughout the locker room, even reaching the tag team division on SmackDown. Former WWE Tag Team Champion Brian Kendrick expressed his disapproval with the Rated-R Superstar's methods.

"I don't like how he went about it," fumed Kendrick. "I thought it was sneaky, underhanded and he took advantage of a bad situation."

As is often the way, MVP was in a category of his own and appeared almost indifferent to the night's occurrences.

"There is only one Superstar MVP cares about, only one," Porter said. "Edge might be the World Heavyweight Champion, but this is MVP's house!"

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