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WWE Mobile on AT&T exclusive: Taking the ultimate opportunity

Batista, Big Show, Finlay, Kane and MVP, were all the last participants of the Championship Chase to Judgment Day. One of these Superstars was sure to face The Undertaker for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship; however, all of them were caught overlooking the cunning Rated-R Superstar.

When all was said and done and it looked like Batista had earned the coveted spot at Judgment Day, SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero emerged to announce the addition of one more participant to the Championship Chase to Judgment Day, her fiancé, Edge. Having just been medically cleared, the fresh Ultimate Opportunist swiftly defeated the battered Batista to steal the opportunity for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Following SmackDown, Joey Styles and the WWE cameras caught up with an ecstatic Edge as he discussed his medical clearance, Batista and his thoughts on his Judgment Day battle vs. Undertaker. You and subscribers can see exactly what Edge had to say right now, exclusively on WWE Mobile on AT&T and nowhere else.

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