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Cena gets some pie for his birthday

BOLOGNA, ITALY -- When it comes to WWE Champion John Cena, nothing's small-time. Whether it's jewelry, customized titles, music videos, or birthday celebrations, Cena is all about doing things big. That's why Cena celebrated his 28th -- or 25 + 3, as he likes to call it -- birthday with class and style.
Following a successful WWE Championship defense during SmackDown!'s tour of Bologna, Italy, Cena on April 23rd, Cena was joined in the ring by a very special guest.
"After my match, I was celebrating with the Italian fans, when all of a sudden Theodore Long's theme played music," recalled Cena. "And then, there comes George Jefferson himself, walking down to the ring with a strut, and some how -- I don't know how he did it -- he got all of these Italian speaking fans to sing ‘Happy Birthday' to me in English."
As Cena took in his warm birthday ovation, several of the SmackDown! Divas also came down to the ring to join in the fun. One of the Divas, was even equipped with a special present for the champ.
"Next thing I know, Torrie Wilson's coming down with a makeshift cream pie -- not a birthday cake, a cream pie," said Cena. "And then, just as I'm raising my new WWE Championship over my head, Torrie nails me in the face with a cream pie. That's right, I got Torrie's pie in my face for my birthday."
Always a good sport, the WWE Champion laughed off his pie facing, and was especially glad that none of the cream or icing got onto his pricey new WWE "spinner" belt. But according to Cena, there will be a price to pay for Torrie, as well as the other party guests.
"Oh don't worry," laughed Cena, "Torrie Wilson's got a major receipt coming to her. Just wait until I find out when her birthday is."

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