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Heidenreich's in a New York state of mind

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Heidenreich's been misunderstood his entire life. He's been a tortured soul, searching for acceptance and friendship. On Thursday night, he finally got what he's wanted for so long.
In a surprising turn of events, Madison Square Garden's sold-out crowd cheered wildly for Heidenreich. Often known as the toughest crowd in the industry, the thousands of fans on hand from the city John Rocker once critiqued for its diversity took in the Louisiana native like one of their own, similar to how they embraced Sycho Sid back in 1996.
Also, while visiting Manhattan, Heidenreich became friends with the Brooklyn Brawler, whom he invited to the ring, and read the following poem to.
"I have spent a lifetime looking for a friend.
I have traveled far and wide never knowing where the road might end.
Well, now the end is finally near,
Because the Brooklyn Brawler is standing here,
Right smack down in the middle of the mecca of sports-entertainment, Madison Square Garden!"

Then, in a shocking turn of events, the Brooklyn Brawler told Heidenreich he hated his poem, denounced his New York heritage, and took off his torn New York Yankees T-shirt to reveal a Boston Red Sox tee. The Brooklyn native then re-christened himself the Boston Brawler.
Naturally, the MSG crowd came unglued, and began booing, and yelling profanities at their former representative. This angered Heidenreich. "Nobody insults my friends!" he yelled with rage. Moments later, Heidenreich gave the Boston Brawler a beating, almost as bad as the Yankees 19-8 romp over the Tampa Bay Devil Rays on Monday night. As Heidenreich made his way towards the backstage area, 15,841 screaming fans continued supporting their large new southern "friend."
Despite New York sports fan's reputation for rallying behind misunderstood athletes (Jeremy Shockey, Daryl Strawberry, Latrell Sprewell, Roger Clemens, etc.), it almost seems as though Heidenreich has finally found his niche. But only time will tell if his acceptance is everlasting, or just a New York state of mind.

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