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Backlash bound

Backlash bound

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- With Backlash just nine days away, emotions ran high on the first edition of SmackDown since the 2009 WWE Draft. The Animal unleashed his rage on his Backlash opponent, Ted DiBiase, while WWE Champion Triple H vowed to do the same to Randy Orton this Monday on Raw.

Batista def. Ted DiBiase (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Since making his surprise comeback on Raw, Batista has been full of pent up aggression. Tonight, it was his Backlash opponent, Ted DiBiase, who felt The Animal's wrath. Batista dominated the first part of the match, delivering one punishing maneuver after another.

However, DiBiase was able to turn the tables and strike back, delivering targeted attacks to Batista's leg. But, The Animal regained momentum and dropped The Legacy member with a hard-hitting spear, followed up by a thunderous Batista Bomb for the win. In just nine days, they will meet again on the battle grounds at Backlash. (Preview)

Triple H reveals Raw match stipulations (PHOTOS | WATCH)
With Randy Orton rehashing everything he's done to WWE Champion Triple H and his family, The Game revealed the stipulations to their one-on-one match this Monday on Raw -- no disqualifications and no count-outs. (Raw coverage | Backlash preview)

Big Show def. Jeff Hardy; Matt attacks Jeff (PHOTOS | WATCH)
At 485 pounds, Big Show simply crushed the high-flying Jeff Hardy. During the match, Matt Hardy came down to ringside to witness the action. While Big Show was down on all fours, Jeff seized the opportunity, using Show's massive back as a springboard to launch himself over the ropes, toppling Matt.

In the end, Jeff was able to down his brother, but not The World's Largest Athlete, who stopped the Charismatic Enigma cold with a brutal right hand. After the match, Matt launched a vicious and ugly attack on his brother, hitting him with seven consecutive leg drops while he lay defenseless from Big Show's brutal assault.

Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy announced
New SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long announced that Jeff Hardy will face his brother Matt Hardy in an "I Quit" Match at Backlash. (Preview)

Undertaker def. Shelton Benjamin (PHOTOS)
Borrowing one from Undertaker's arsenal, Shelton Benjamin attempted to deliver a Tombstone to The Deadman. The maneuver failed miserably, resulting in Benjamin being the recipient of the punishing maneuver at the hands of The Phenom. Coming off huge wins at the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania and last night's debut of "WWE Superstars," can anyone stop The Phenom?

Dolph Ziggler def. United States Champion Montel Vontavious Porter (non-title) (PHOTOS)
After being drafted to SmackDown, perhaps Dolph Ziggler felt he had to make an impression in the land of SmackDown. He did just that by defeating the United States Champion.

"The View" & MVP?
In an interesting exchange in the locker room area, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long told MVP that Sherri Shepherd of the TV program The View had taken an interest in the champion. Holla, Holla, Holla! What does Teddy have in store for the former SmackDown Superstar who was drafted to Raw?

John Morrison def. R-Truth (PHOTOS)
After The Miz assaulted John Morrison on Raw, it's a safe bet that their tag team days are behind them. Looking to make an impression on Friday nights, The Tuesday Night Delight did not disappoint when he stopped R-Truth's valiant attempts at a win with a Moonlight Drive.

Gail Kim def. Divas Champion Maryse (non-title) (PHOTOS | WATCH)
In a bout featuring two of WWE's most athletic Divas, Gail Kim kept her winning ways intact by dazing Maryse with some hard-hitting counters for the pinfall.

Khali Kiss Cam (PHOTOS | WATCH)
The Great Khali was up to his romantic ways on another edition of the "Khali Kiss Cam." The Punjabi Playboy planted a wet one on a lovely member of the WWE Universe. The next recipient of his affection? None other than Miss WrestleMania Santina Marella next week on SmackDown. This ought to be good!

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