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At No Way Out, Undertaker and Kurt Angle had one of the greatest World Heavyweight Championship matches of all time. Angle looked down and out, but somehow countered the triangle choke into a pin to retain the gold. But the champion didn't have much time to rest. Just two weeks removed from their instant classic, the Deadman and the Wrestling Machine squared off once again, this time on Friday Night SmackDown.

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At No Way Out, Undertaker and Kurt Angle had one of the greatest World Heavyweight Championship matches of all time. Angle looked down and out, but somehow countered the triangle choke into a pin to retain the gold. But the champion didn't have much time to rest. Just two weeks removed from their instant classic, the Deadman and the Wrestling Machine squared off once again, this time on Friday Night SmackDown.

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2011 SmackDown: March 11, 2011 SmackDown: March 4, 2011 You're excused Not for Long World (Title) turned up-side-down? Flame war "Spear"-ited reaction "Corre"-onation The landscape has changed Power and glory Perfect end to 2010 In the giving mood Four for all Mistaken catastrophe Trifecta of torture Royal pain Survival mode One good burn deserves another Yellow, black and blue Crashing the funeral Superiority test Assembling Team SmackDown Outclassed Unstoppable force Paul Bearer's return! Monster mash At the gates of hell Laughter from the grave Disruption in the force Del Rio arrives in style SmackDown prepares for a scorcher Accusations run Red Throwing out the rules Big heart in Little Rock Unleashed and uncovered Big present; Big Red future Rules are meant to be broken Hot pursuit A Fatal proclamation Seeing red Unnatural Phenom-enon Back in black Stepping Over the Limit With help from above Out of control; Over the Limit The new faces of SmackDown To the Extreme "All-American American" in London Extreme contention Jackpot in Vegas Kick start to WrestleMania Nine days until WrestleMania A "Highlight" assault Ready, set, Spear! Fear of the Spear Awakening The Deadman Charging toward the Chamber Opportunity knocks Whirlwind before the Rumble No fear Locked in the cage with a wild Animal Stunned contenders Time to Rumble DX-Mas Night SmackDown From here to Christmas Street Fight night Turmoil launched with a chair Hungry Animal heading to WWE TLC Survival instincts run wild Destruction before Survival? Altered beast SmackDown for Survival Battle before the war Earning the right to "brag" Punked! SmackDown celebrates a decade To hell and back Consumed in controversy Reaching the point of submission Death and rebirth Extreme exodus Hardys ride again! Family reunion Family conundrum Sore loser Preparing for battle Getting burned in the Miami heat Anarchy in Bakersfield An eye for an eye Rage before The Bash Rampage in Roanoke Road to Raw Shake Rattle and Rollin' to the Extreme Wild west A lean, mean Extreme scene Preparing for Judgment Reserving Judgment Robbing the bank in the face of Judgment Bedlam beckons Backlash Backlash bound And onto the stretcher Road closing; 'Mania rising A phenomenal entrance Layin' the SmackDown 500 times over Takin' it back Disruption eruption No Cena allowed Twisted hate Prelude to Satan's Structure Chaos loading the Chamber Decisive Elimination The Rumbling of foul play Tragedy erupts Lost in Jeopardy Hardy New Year! Toronto title quest With destiny Arma-gotten, Superstars lookin' to Rumble Bridgeport tunnel vision Undeniable altercations Too close to the Edge And then there were three Facing the extreme Going to the extreme A night for fright Power struggle Cyber campaigning Unchecked contention My welcoming party Keeping your enemies close Attack of the Moscow Mauler Power behind the throne "Set to Scramble" Steel City SmackDown All is Unforgiven 'Til death do us part Edge's descent into darkness Tables, ladders and uncharitable acts SmackDown: A woman's scorn, a Deadman reborn Love bites SmackDown: Endless love? A champion scorned SmackDown goes gold Spear of influence A Night of Contracts California dreamin' The Animal is Running Wild Stood up Fear and loathing in Grand Rapids Championship Chase to Judgment Day Championship Friday Backlash battle plans Anarchy in the U.K. Peace, Kozlov and The Deadman's way Mixed Emotions Next stop: WrestleMania Full Moon Con-Chair-To Ultimate opportunities Fired-up for Florida Big Show, big impact Two roads diverge Only way out No looking back Chamber mates On their way to Madison Square Garden Deadman's warning Rumble in the SmackDown jungle Friends and foes Time after time Greetings and goodbyes Swinging for the fences December to disrespect Payback, 619 style An Extreme Thanksgiving Survival techniques Finding the way A challenging week Cyber Sunday is one click away Interactive altercations Conflicting interests Locked in All things big and small Beyond the matrimony Forgive and forget? Summer fizzles, but SmackDown sizzles Conquests and champions Hell's spawn Hand-slotted reprisal Answer to the challenge? Handing notice Who's ready to clash after The Bash? Giant change to Friday nights Officially on A big surprise The Animal's revenge A taste of vengeance Backdraft Leading to a manic Monday Draft patterns Golden goals Passing Judgment In with the new Destructive behavior No turning back Mayhem in Milan Polar opposites Deadman rising Next stop: Detroit Untamed fury Anger abound Dominant expressions A grave warning Checks and balances Out of control Direct route Chairman's Bombshell Shooting stars Threat averted Perfect timing Race against time Gold Rush Bells will be ringing Divide and conquer? A united front The end is near Prelude to Survivor Series Ani-mauled Batista bites back Controlled Chaos? Mutiny Kingdom saved King Me From Poison to Pandemonium RAW's Revenge Strikes SmackDown SmackDown Makes a Phenomenal Premiere on CW Chaos in the Kingdom All the King's men Signing Bonus Friday knightmare The Animal roars into SummerSlam Dead Man Walking? Challenge from the grave Coronations and carnage Countdown to the Bash Rey's Revenge An Animal Unleashed Lashley reigns supreme Family tradition Royal beating Hell week continues All hail the king Kiss Him Goodbye Seeing red Tragic Homecoming A Man of his word The Dream stays alive Something to Celebrate The Wrestling Machine snaps Breaking New Ground Can Angle be stopped? Gaining Momentum Stolen Thunder The Deadman responds World's Strongest Splash Back in business Who's the better man? Deadman's Return Who's going to WrestleMania? Cause for concern Second chance New World Heavyweight Champion Making statements A shocking return leads to new Champs SmackDown: The Best of 2005 Randy Orton's Revelation Mind games Hell to pay The SmackDown Special Anarchy in the U.K. Paying tribute RAW ambushes SmackDown Hollywood Blockbuster LIGHTS OUT A RAW invasion Friends and Family Friend or foe? Amigos...Partners...Champions? A miraculous recovery Deadman Alive Changing Friday nights ANOTHER ASSIST FROM DAD Dream Team See You Sunday Insult and Injury Demanding Dominick JBL going to SummerSlam JBL guarantees victory JBL'S STAND SHOWDOWN LOOMING JACKPOT! Final Chapter, New Chapter LEGENDARY RETURNS ANOTHER SHOCKER, ANOTHER INVASION DRAFT IS COMING WINNER'S CHOICE RUSH TO JUDGMENT NO QUIT BAD, BAD MAN SECOND CHANCE HIS TIME IS NOW SERIES CONFUSION NEW CHAMP IS HERE