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Big Show, big impact

Big Show, big impact

TUCSON, Ariz. -- Competing for the first time in more than a year, Big Show wasted little time in sending a loud message to all the Superstars of WWE and, more importantly, his WrestleMania XXIV opponent Floyd Mayweather. The "World's Largest Athlete" is back and bigger, stronger and more dangerous than ever.

In a Handicap Match, Big Show laid waste to his unfortunate opponents, decimating two challengers in dominating fashion. With just four weeks until WWE descends onto Orlando, Fla., the giant showed the world why he has always been one of the most feared competitors in sports-entertainment. Big Show KO'd his competition with a barrage of left and right hooks and other boxing moves for the impressive victory, and then had some choice words for Mayweather, warning, "I am going to break Floyd Mayweather in two at WrestleMania." This Monday on Raw, Show will have another chance to display his power when he faces a professional fighter in the ring.

Branded for war

Moments before Batista and tag team partner Kane entered into action against United States Champion MVP and The Great Khali, The Animal approached General Manager Vickie Guerrero and requested to represent SmackDown against Raw's Umaga at WrestleMania XXIV. SmackDown Diva Maryse had been in the GM's office currying the favor of Vickie and encouraged Guerrero, who then granted Batista his wish. The former World Champion will take on the Samoan Bulldozer in the Citrus Bowl. Later, with a focused attack, Batista & Kane defeated Khali & MVP when The Animal displayed his unbelievable strength by delivering both a spinebuster and a spear to the Punjabi giant to seal the win.

Changing the face of winning

Jesse & Festus got the biggest win yet in their impressive winning streak when they defeated WWE Tag Team Champions The Miz & John Morrison in a non-title affair. The "biscuits ‘n' gravy" duo's victory may have proven to the champions that they can't brush aside the awkward tandem, and may have given unexpected momentum to another team looking to win the titles, Tommy Dreamer & Colin Delaney, who challenge the champions Tuesday on ECW on Sci Fi. As seen in the WWE Mobile on AT&T Exclusive, the ECW pair might not be the only team with gold in their sights next week. More...

Also on SmackDown

With Michelle McCool by his side, Jamie Noble headed to the ring to take on Chuck Palumbo, hopeful to gain retribution for the injury he sustained at the hands of Palumbo weeks ago on SmackDown. With his new attitude feeding his rage, revved-up Superstar Palumbo once again took his aggression out on Noble, leaving him punished in the center of the ring after a devastating Full Throttle.

In other action, Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore faced Deuce & Domino on Friday night, and SmackDown's resident redneck Yang picked up the win for his team when he delivered a Moonsault to Deuce.

Out for blood

After curtailing a battle between Big Daddy V and Balls Mahoney, Undertaker paved his own dark path to WrestleMania XXIV on Friday night. Letting nothing stand in his way of getting to World Heavyweight Champion Edge, The Phenom decimated Big Daddy V and Balls, and then demanded an immediate start to his match with Zack Ryder. With Edge and Curt Hawkins at ringside, The Deadman destroyed Ryder, but was left open for an attack from the Rated-R Superstar. The No. 1 contender wouldn't be kept down, however, and Undertaker fought back and bloodied Edge's "minions" with his dangerous submission maneuver while the Ultimate Opportunist fled for the second week in a row. Read the full story…

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