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Friday night was understandably one of the happiest nights of Vickie Guerrero's life. Unfortunately, it may also go down as one of the worst.
Moments after World Heavyweight Champion Edge asked for her hand in marriage, the SmackDown General Manager watched as her lover and Rey Mysterio got into an altercation. During the brawl, Rey nailed Edge with a 619, but when he went to deliver a springboard Seated Senton, the Rated-R Superstar moved and the flying Mysterio crashed into Vickie. The impact toppled her wheelchair, leaving SmackDown's GM motionless on the mat as Friday Night SmackDown went off the air.
EMTs and medical personnel immediately rushed to the ring to tend to Vickie as a confused, frightened and angered World Heavyweight Champion looked on. When all was said and done, SmackDown's General Manager was wheeled from the ring on a stretcher.
You can witness the carnage and its aftermath for yourself right now in this exclusive video, courtesy of WWE Mobile on AT&T.

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