SmackDown Five-Point Preview: April 18, 2014

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April 18, 2014

When The Game speaks, will The Shield play ball?

The emphatic reunion of Evolution on Raw has created a stir among the WWE Universe. One of the most powerful factions in WWE history reunited to surmount The Shield Monday night, delivering a resounding message to The Hounds of Justice about what true power is. Will this injustice further fuel the hunger of the black clad trio?

Who is the most dominant member of Evolution? | The theory of Evolution

In Michael Cole’s exclusive sit-down interview on with The King of Kings, WWE’s COO issued his rebellious rivals a humbling ultimatum – beg for forgiveness on SmackDown Friday night and all will be forgiven. With time running out on The Cerebral Assassin’s uncompromising offer, what will be the cost if they choose to say no to The Game? Find out tonight on SyFy as the 14-time World Heavyweight Champion is scheduled to kick off SmackDown.

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