SmackDown Five-Point Preview: April 18, 2014

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April 18, 2014

What will happen when The Celtic Warrior tracks an ‘evolved’ Animal?

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It was just three weeks ago that WWE COO Triple H put the challenge to Batista, on the best show on Friday night, to ditch his Hollywood ego and unleash the true Animal. Later that same night, the motivated predator let loose a fury of chair strikes on his prey, Sheamus. It’s safe to assume that The Celtic Warrior hasn’t forgotten the beating handed to him at the hands of the uncaged Superstar.

The Hounds of Justice hunt down The Animal & Viper

Although the fiery Irishman surely has plenty of payback when the two once again square off tonight, the six-time World Heavyweight Champion now has support of a reunited Evolution on his side. With the super faction remobilized, will The Game and Randy Orton play a part in this main event mêlée?

Tune in to SyFy at 8/7 CT to see what hard-hitting action occurs from this SmackDown showdown.

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