SmackDown Five-Point Preview: Feb. 7, 2014

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February 07, 2014

Will Bryan take aim at The Authority?

Speaking of Randy Orton’s showdown against Daniel Brian, The Beard’s massive pinfall victory over the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Monday on Raw  seemed to set him up  to become the “New Face of WWE.” But that was not meant to be, as evidenced by the post-match assault on the victorious Superstar by both The Viper and Director of Operations Kane.

Photos: The Many Faces of Kane

With many speculating that Corporate Kane may have been acting on behalf of The Authority, the odds of Bryan becoming the new favored Superstar of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon seem slim-to-none.

Regardless, Bryan has made a career of overcoming the odds, and the submission specialist is sure to come to SmackDown with pointed words for Orton, Kane, The Game and Stephanie. What, exactly, will The Beard have to say? And what actions might he take?

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