SmackDown Results: Punk’s pipebomb backfires; Outlaws drop the champions

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January 17, 2014

Heyman announced Brock Lesnar will appear on Raw

With the imminent Big Show/Brock Lesnar battle at the Royal Rumble event looming, Paul Heyman came to SmackDown, looking to apparently rewrite the circumstances of his client’s recent Raw confrontation with the angry giant. He also made the chilling announcement that The Beast Incarnate will appear on WWE’s flagship show this Monday. Despite Big Show’s attacks on both Lesnar and Heyman in recent weeks, the former ECW head honcho warned that he does not fear The World’s Largest Athlete as long as he walks at The Anomaly’s side.

Big Show manhandles Lesnar! | The Walrus runs away!

Never one to be intimidated, though, Big Show arrived, and chased the advocate from the ring. The giant went on to roar a response to Heyman — “At Royal Rumble, I’m knocking Brock Lesnar out!”