SmackDown Results: Daniel Bryan left snakebit by The Viper, haunted by The Wyatts

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December 06, 2013

Rey Mysterio & Big Show def. The Real Americans

After rudely cutting off Rey Mysterio’s interview with Renee Young so they could question his United States citizenship, Zeb Colter and The Real Americans challenged The Master of the 619 to a Tag Team Match against him and a mystery partner of his choosing.

Rey’s choice? None other than The World’s Largest Athlete himself, Big Show!

Initially shocked, The Real Americans carried on, and a blockbuster tag team battle raged on SmackDown. But Antonio Cesaro & Jack Swagger proved to be no match for the potent one-two combination of the 619 and a chokeslam. And when The Ultimate Underdog literally stood on his partner’s enormous shoulders to hit a splash on Cesaro, The Real Americans were silenced.