SmackDown Results: Daniel Bryan left snakebit by The Viper, haunted by The Wyatts

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December 06, 2013

WWE Champion Randy Orton claimed to be “the greatest”

TULSA, OK — With the Slammy Awards just three days away, and WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs looming large, SmackDown lit up Oklahoma thanks to a massive main event battle between WWE Champion Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan that led to another creepy invitation by The Wyatt Family.

After suffering an Attitude Adjustment at the hands of World Heavyweight Champion John Cena on Raw – just nine days before their historic showdown at WWE TLC – WWE Champion Randy Orton claimed to be “the greatest Superstar of this or any other generation.” Orton then offered a respectful apology to The Authority.

Who will be Superstar of the year? | The Viper makes brazen claim

But Daniel Bryan would delay his exit, suggesting Orton apologize instead for “impersonating a champion” and promising that, no matter who comes out on top at WWE TLC, he will be waiting. The submission specialist then challenged The Viper to a match on SmackDown! With what is arguably the biggest match in WWE history looming in just over one week, though, Orton was content to simply walk off, giving Bryan a flat-out “no” for an answer.

But SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero didn’t agree with The Face of WWE’s decision and scheduled Orton and Bryan to battle in SmackDown’s main event!

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