SmackDown Results: Punk, Mysterio, Rhodes, Goldust & The Usos triumph in post-Thanksgiving 12-Man Tag Team melee

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November 29, 2013

Antonio Cesaro def. Titus O’Neil by Disqualification; Titus made a post-match mess

After reigning supreme in a food eating contest as part of Vickie Guerrero’s post-Thanksgiving celebration backstage, the ultra-stuffed Titus O’Neal “won” the right to face the powerful Antonio Cesaro one-on-one. This would prove to be a very messy affair.

Photos that will make you sick

When The Real American executed his patented Swing maneuver on his opponent, a concerned Darren Young quickly climbed in the ring to draw the disqualification and end the torture for his nauseous partner.   

However, this proved to be too little, too late. For, after the bell had barely rung, Titus could not stop himself from vomiting into JBL’s expensive hat at ringside. He then placed that hat on Michael Cole’s head before puking a second time ... directly on Zeb Colter.

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